About Unheard:

Unheard is a 15 minute short film that was made as part of the M.A. in Production and Direction in the Huston School of Film and Digital Media. Pre-production began in April and editing finished in July of 2012. It was shot in two days and is set in Galway. It features two original songs by Miriam Donohue “Streetcar” and “Magnolia Walls”, viagra and an original piano soundtrack by Carla Maria Tighe “There Are Many Ways”.

The film takes on the subject of Hearing Loss and tries to show in a truthful way the way that it can be an obstacle to a person who goes through it. The main character, Aisling, is a music student, promising piano teacher and aspiring open-mic musician, and so music and sound and the way they are experienced by a person who is becoming Hard-of-Hearing play a large role in the story and the way it was shot.

Through the characters of Eamon and Joanne, the film is also a message of gratitude to the families and friends that help and inspire us all to jump over our hurdles in whatever form they come.