A massive thank you to:

Each one of the cast and crew who made the film happen, information pills worked extremely hard, purchase long hours and brought something special to the shoot, this help, enthusiasm, practical suggestions, and all the craic day or night. Fran Keaveney, a brilliant resource from start to end. Jenny, Rod, Sean, Dee, Paddy and all the Staff and Students of Huston School of Film and Digital Media, Galway. Miriam Donohue for her talent and lovely music, much appreciated! Little Cinema Galway for the support and for giving Unheard it’s first home, Bell’s Book and Candle, Kelly’s Bar, Darren Hinchy, all of our extras, Deafhear.ie, the Irish Hard of Hearing Association, Threas Moran, Donna Brady, Aisling Lynch and Erin Fox.

Big Love to all of our families and friends who encourage us and come to watch our films.

A special shout out to Karen and David Tighe, Aaron Corless and Denise Nagle for the things that matter, like food, places to sleep, lifts, phone calls, hugs. My big brother Darren who kindly used his amazing computer skills to build this website and Rebecca and James for being totally awesome. You are all in here —> ?