Aisling loves music. She happily plays piano for hours. She studies music in Galway and is a regular performer in open mic sessions. Her bedroom is full of old records that she collects from charity shops and second hand shops and notebooks full of handwritten music notes and song ideas. She even teaches piano to earn money in her free time. But something is bothering her, site something that is getting harder and harder to hide. She has recently started to lose her hearing and struggles to hear sounds that were once so familiar to her. Now, what is ed focusing on a piano lesson is a mountain of a task, something one of her little students, Jenny, picks up on. Her lectures in college are muffled, and even everyday noises are faint or gone. Her dad Eamon and friend Joanne are understanding and do their best to help but Aisling blocks them out, trying very hard to hide her struggle from those around her as she is embaressed and upset by it. All of this makes going up on stage and performing seem like an impossibility. Deep down Aisling is afraid that her music, the thing she loves most, is now a thing of the past. She has to face up to the reality of her hearing loss and find it in herself to climb the rocks in her path to keep her music alive.